Akers Studio

We understand every photo is an everlasting snapshot in time. That attitude guides us on every shoot, whether the medium is still photography or video.

We are a full-service, affordable, professional studio built on the experience and expertise of our award-winning photographer who, in turn, is supported by our talented team of expert editors.

Our Leesburg studio can handle any size job, from commercial video production to high-end fashion shoots in our studio or on location.

But it’s how we handle each job that makes us the only choice for clients who are serious about the need for unforgettable images. We understand communication is essential to superior results. That’s why we begin working before the shutter clicks or the video camera is turned on.

In-depth discussion and planning are our keys to obtaining the perfect shot. We provide the expertise but we are happy to have your input every step of the way.

At Akers, we capture memories that will last a lifetime and promise a professional experience you won’t find anywhere else.

Ready to make a few thousand words with us?

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